A Family Familiar

by Heavy Lights



How long must I wait, father?
until it's time son, don't even bother
Oh when is my time, mother?
you'll know child, until then help your brothers
But how will I know it, sister?
you just will so dont let it miss you

What path must I choose, cousin?
can't say sir, most lead to nothing
Will there be signs, my kindly neighbor?
who knows man, go and ask your savior
Oh savior, is my love a wasted?
you're young boy and you're yet to taste it

Just keep faith in all the right places
it's all in or nothing in at all
keep sight of familiar faces
to remember when the angels come to call

Is it worth all its weight in gold?
will it die young or burn out old?

how long must I wait, tell me


released 22 January 2014
mastered by Greg Calbi


tags: rock Frederick


all rights reserved


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